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Handicap Voting Booths

These wheelchair accessible voting booths are functional, sturdy, and compact for easy transportation, setup and storage. Handicap Voting Booths
Easy Setup
Stable Handicap voting surface

Durable and Lightweight Design

Compact Storage

HAVA approved and fundable

Handicap Voting Signs

Help your voters find their way with a full range of Election Signs. Choose from over 50 common images or customize your own. Handicap Voting Signs
Metal A-Frame Signs
Corrugate Plastic Signs

Upright Standing Signs

Table-Top Signs

Dry-Erase & Pocket Signs

ADA Machine Coding & Testing

Let our experienced election coders program your ADA voting machines so you're not stuck waiting for the State to finish up.

ADA Machine Coding and Testing

Sequoia Edge

Logic and Accuracy Testing

  *coding not available in all areas.

Handicap Voter Supplies

Assisting your Handicap voter can't stop at the curb. Insure a positive voting experience with additional supplies to fill their needs.

Handicap Voter Supplies
Automark & Other ADA Voting Machine Supplies

Wheelchair Access

Visual & Gripping Aids

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